Barn: 693 square feet

Standing Room: 115
Standing & Seated: 86
Round Tables Served: 57
Round Tables Buffet: 63
Rectangular Tables Served: 69
Rectangular Tables Buffet: 77
Auditorium Style Chairs: 115

Trellised Area: 1560 square feet

Standing Room: 260
Standing and Seated: 195
Round Tables Served: 130
Round Tables Buffet: 141
Rectangular Tables Served: 156
Rectangular Tables Buffet: 173
Auditorium Style Chairs: 260

Fenced Area: 897 square feet

Standing Room: 149
Standing and Seated: 112
Round Tables Served: 74
Round Tables Buffet: 141
Rectangular Tables Served: 81
Rectangular Tables Buffet: 89
Auditorium Style Chairs: 149

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