How Pot Met Kettle...

We met at Gemology school in San Diego, CA and found that we not only fell in love but shared the same passions for life. We are jewelers by trade but, designers by passion. We settled down in the Santa Barbara area and began to raise our two boys Ozzy and Cash. Being on an eternal search for the perfect place to live we just had not found it yet. Eric, born and raised in Mississippi and I in Idaho, Eric often spoke of this magical town in Tennessee called Leiper's Fork that he had visited as a teenager. We finally came for vacation July 4th, 2013 and I promptly fell head over heals in love! We were sitting out front of Puckett's drinking Ne-Hi soda watching our boys faces light up with joy as they chased the fireflies. Leiper's Fork chose us in that moment.

Without delay we purchased our first home on Joseph Street, now the Tin Roof Cottage, returned to Santa Barbara and moved here 20 days later. We never looked back, we now reside just 1 mile away from the cottages. Since then we have started the vacation rental company Pot N’ Kettle Cottages, we wanted visitors to be able to experience what we we did on our first visit. It is our personal mission to make each and every one of our guests feel welcomed into our homes.

We are currently raising our boys in this marvelous community and we welcome you with open hearts.

Eric, Sam, Ozzy & Cash, Local Leiperforkians